Washington-Clay High

Washington-Clay has a long and sometimes confusing history. Our records show Washington-Clay high school was housed in a building on Lilly Road when it was a township school in the early years. That building was later converted into an elementary and special needs school, then razed to make room for athletic fields. The new Clay High School building was built on Lilly Road just north of Cleveland and opened in 1953…often dubbed ‘the house that Schlundt built’. Don Schlundt graduated in 1951 and was later a collegian All-American at Indiana University. In 1963 the Clay Township school system was incorporated into the South Bend Community School Corporation and the name of the high school changed to simply ‘Clay High School’.. Not a popular change with many alumni. The change was made because South Bend Washington was also incorporated into the newly organized school system. Clay High School was moved to a new building in the 1970’s and is located on Darden Road. The 1953 building still serves as an Intermediate Center.

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Washington-Clay High School graduates who belong to the Alumni Association: 
Patty-Ellen Andrews, Class of 1959
James DeMaegt, Class of 1961
Karen Hintz, Class of 1960
Emery Hirschler, Class of 1959
Carl Katona, Class of 1959
Judi Parmley, Class of 1957
Clay High School graduates who belong to the Alumni Association:

 Marc Breden, Class of 1980
Robert Ditsler, Class of 1953
Sandy Hecklinski, Class of 1974
Diana Mendelsohn, Class of 1979
Charles Miltenberger, Class of 1964
Mark Tarner, Class of 1980
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