SBAA Scholarships

South Bend Alumni Association Scholarships are open to graduates of SBCSC high schools and children or grandchildren of SBAA members. Many of our scholarship recipients have overcome obstacles in their lives. They do not necessarily have the highest grades in their class, but they have been accepted to an institution of higher learning; have demonstrated both a willingness to work hard and a history of service; have a defined educational goal; and are in need of financial assistance. All SBAA scholarships are paid to the post-secondary school; no funds are awarded directly to an individual.

The South Bend Alumni Association encourages graduates and friends of education to support this scholarship program by making a contribution to the South Bend Alumni Association. If you are interested in establishing a named/endowed scholarship, please contact the Executive Director of the Alumni Association at

The following scholarships are funded through the annual TCU/Superintendent’s Golf Outing, the Alumni Association’s Plan2000 fund, an individual donation and a grant from the South Bend Press Club.

TCU/Superintendent’s Scholarships – One $4,000 scholarship is awarded to a graduate from each SBCSC high school (Adams, Clay, New Tech, Riley, Rise Up Academy and Washington). The scholarships are $1,000 per year for four years, providing the student maintains satisfactory grades and a full time status in an institute of higher education. Applications for this scholarship must be turned in to the Guidance Counselor’s Office at the high school and will be submitted to the Alumni Association through the school.

Jack M. Champaigne Scholarship – A $5,000 grant to a graduating SBCSC senior accepted to study at Purdue University South Bend or Purdue University West Lafayette.  This application should be sent to the Alumni Association office.

Alumni Endowed Scholarships – Up to three $1,000 one-time scholarships are awarded to a SBCSC graduating senior or to a graduate whose parent or grandparent is an active member of the South Bend Alumni Association. Application for this scholarship should be sent directly to the Alumni Association office.

Joseph S. Fragomeni Sr. Scholarship – A $1,000 grant awarded to a SBCSC graduating senior pursuing a degree in architecture, engineering or a related field. This application should be sent to the Alumni Association office.

Lauren Davis Scholarship – A $1,000 grant awarded to a SBCSC graduating senior who has been accepted to study at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. This application should be sent to the Alumni Association office.

Press Club Scholarship – A $500 one-time scholarship awarded to a SBCSC graduating senior, or to a graduate whose parent or grandparent is an active member of the SB Alumni Association, who will study journalism or mass communications. Application for this scholarship should be sent directly to the Alumni Association office.

Applicants for scholarships must submit a signed application form, an official high school transcript, a letter of recommendation, an essay, and a financial need form. Forms can be downloaded by clicking on the links below. All required materials must be submitted by Friday, April 17th.

Additional Financial Aid Opportunities have been underwritten by the Kurt and Tessye Simon Student Assistance Fund. For both of these grants a total distribution amount is determined annually, and once that pool is exhausted, no additional funds will be awarded that year.

Kurt & Tessye Simon Student Assistance Grants – Grants for up to $1,000 can be requested at any time. College students who are alumni of SBCSC high schools and in need of emergency or other types of financial assistance are eligible. A recipient may apply in successive years but is limited to a cumulative total award of $1,500. To apply for this grant, the student must send a letter to the Alumni Association explaining the need for funds and the amount requested. The applicant should include a document showing their academic performance, the name of their college, and the address of the Bursar’s Office where the check should be sent if an award is approved.

Second Chance Education Grants – Up to three $1,000 grants may be awarded each year to college students who are past recipients of Endowed, Fragomeni, Davis or Shields Scholarships. Recipients are limited to two Second Chance Grant awards during their four year enrollment. An applicant must send a letter to the Alumni Association requesting consideration of additional support. The student should include a document showing academic performance, the name of their college and address of the Bursar’s Office where the check should be sent if an award is approved. Grant requests are considered annually in the month of April.

Immediate family members of the Alumni Association Board of Directors are not eligible for these Scholarships


Click below to Download 2015 Application Forms

Scholarship applications and supporting materials must be submitted by Friday, April 17, 2015.

 2015 Scholarship & Grant Recipients

TCU-Superintendent’s Scholarships
Scholarships are worth $4,000 over four years


Nicole Gorman, Adams High School, has enrolled at the

University of Notre Dame She plans to study wildlife biology. “While I have always known that I have wanted to work with animals,” she said, “I realized I would be happiest in a career in wildlife biology through my recent vacations at Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks.” Nicole is the daughter of Thomas and Astrid Gorman of Granger.



Randy CastilloRandy Castillo, New Tech High School, will attend Purdue University-Northcentral to prepare for a degree in mechanical engineering. He said he has “a passion for construction and building things.” Greater knowledge about science and math “will give me new ways to solve problems in our community and maybe even around the world.” Randy is the son of Pascual Castillo and Maria Calleja of Mishawaka.

 Myshai Thomas, Rise Up Academy, has enrolled in the IMPACT Master Commission program in Fort Wayne. “My educational dreams are to be an animation designer and to be able to see my work around the world,” she said. She is the daughter of Hernando Swanson and Katina Thomas/Swanson of South Bend.   


Rafiq Al-Zoughbi, Clay High School, Rafiq Al-Zoughbiplans to study engineering at Purdue University. A Palestinian-American, Rafiq said, “I aspire to become an engineer, one who can provide solar panels to those who rely on their occupier for electricity. … Palestinians could electrically be independent and the world would have one more powerhouse of clean energy.” Rafiq is the son of Sandra Elaine Lindower of South Bend.

Zachary BoocherZachary Boocher, Riley High School, has enrolled in an exploratory studies program at Purdue University. “I have yet to decide what my major will become,” he explained, “but I do know that no matter what major I choose, I want to help others succeed.” Several life experiences led him to think about a profession  that helps others. Zack is the son of Gerard and Sue Boocher of South Bend.

 Jayda Watkins, Washington High School, will attend Butler University to studyJayda Watkins biology/pre-med.  “I will be working on the pre-med track to one day become a pediatrician,” she said. Her goals “derived from my love for children.” Jayda is the daughter of Gary and Sonya Watkins of South Bend. 

 Endowed Scholarships — $1,000

Nikolette Dallich, Edwardsburg High School, will attend Michigan State University to study accounting. After taking a high school class inikolette dallichn accounting, Nikolette said, “I automatically clicked with the concept of accounting and understood things right away.” Her eventual goal is to earn an MBA degree “to become a big-time CPA somewhere in a big city.” She is the daughter of Douglas and Nancy Dallich of Edwardsburg.  Corey Fletcher, Riley High School, will seek a degree in agricultural and biological engineering at Purdue University. He currently works on a dairy and gran farm, which made him familiar with farm machinery. His college degree, he said, will give him “the ability to accomplish my … objective to better improve the efficiency of tractors and their attachments.” He is the son of Steven and Tonya Fletcher of South Bend.
    Molly SchragerMolly Schrager, Penn High School, intends to study environmental and ecological engineering at Purdue University. While studying the environment at Penn, Molly said, she “realized that in order to become sustainable we are gong to have to redefine what waste is by getting better at reusing materials.” She is the daughter of Debra Sue Schrager of Granger.

Lauren S. Davis Scholarship

— $1,000

Joseph Fragomeni Sr. Scholarship — $1,000

  Caitlyn Truax, Adams High School,  will attend Ball State University to study nursing, with a specialty in pediatric oncology or neonatal nursing. Her career goal was influenced by working a a Rosie Place, an organization that deals with special needs children. “I was able to watch these children thrive when they were given the chance to learn and grow,” Caitlyn said. She is the daughter of David and Cynthia Truax of South Bend.   Caleb Geissler, Adams High School, plans to study chemical engineering at Purdue University. “I want to be on the cCaleb Geisslerutting edge of developing new technology that will be necessary to save the world as we know it if we want to continue modern industrial processes,” Caleb said. He is the son of Mark and Ruth Geissler of South Bend. 


Champaigne Scholarship — $5,000                 Press Club  Scholarship — $500                                                                                         
  Danielle KrugDanielle Krug, Adams High School, has enrolled at Purdue University to study microbiology. “My ultimate goal,” Danielle said, “is to obtain a doctorate in microbiology, coupled with a minor in the ever-growing field of genetics, and to perform cutting-edge medical research.” she is the daughter of Terry and Dawn Collins of South Bend.    Andrea Keszei, Adams High School, plans to study telecommunications/news at Ball State University. OprahAndrea Keszei Winfrey has been her idol, Andrea said, which led her to a love of performing. But beyond performing, Oprah often has the latest scoop on what’s happening. Andrea said she aspires to be a news anchor who “can inspire someone, just like Oprah did for me.” She is the daughter of Frank and Susan Keszei of South Bend. 


Kurt & Tessye Simon Grant — $1,000
Nicholas WeilerNicholas Weiler,
Indiana University South Bend, graduated from Adams in 2012 and enrolled at IUSB. Financial challenges led him to withdraw after his first year, but he has since re-enrolled, while working full-time for the U.S. Postal Service. “Having been raised by a single mother all my life,” Nicholas said, “I was always taught to survive in life, but never encouraged to thrive, something I have always deeply desired.” He is determined to finish his bachelor’s degree in general studies, with a concentration in social and behavioral sciences.



Second Chance Grant — $1,000

Elizabeth ArndtElizabeth Arndt received a Joseph Fragomeni Scholarship in 2013. She is the daughter of John and Karen Arndt of South Bend and is attending Purdue University.

  Second Chance Grant — $1,000

Andrew Gnott received am Endowed Scholarship in 201Andrew Gnott3.  He is attending the University of Notre Dame.


Second chance grant — $1,000

Vikas AgteyVikas Agtey received a Fragomeni Scholarhip in 2014. He is attending Purdue University.





Past Scholarship and Grant Recipients
2015 Superintendent Scholarship Recipients: Nicole Gorman (Adams), Rafiq Al-Zoughbi (Clay), Randy Castillo (New Tech), Zachary Boocher (Riley), Myshai Thomas (Rise Up Academy), Jayda Watkins (Washington)
Champaigne Scholarship:  Danielle Krug (Adams)
Fragomeni Scholarship: Caleb Geissler (Adams)
Davis Scholarship: Caitlyn Truax (Adams)
Endowed Scholarship Recipients: Nikolette Dallich (Edwardsburg), Corey Fletcher (Riley), Molly Schrager (Penn)
Press Club Recipients: Andrea Keszei (Adams)
Simon Grant Award: Nicholas Weiler
Second Chance Scholarship: Vikas Agtey (Riley), Elizabeth Arndt (Clay), Andrew Gnott (Edwardsburg)
Notre Dame, Purdue, Purdue North Central, Chicago Art Institute, Butler, Ball State, Michigan State, Indiana University South Bend

2014 Superintendent Scholarship Recipients: Kelsey Weber (Adams), Hannah Branchick (Clay), Sarah Stroud (Riley), and Amber Kish (Washington)
Endowed Scholarship Recipients: Rachel Bonek (Buchanan), Taylor Jackson (Washington)
Davis Scholarship Recipient: Sarah Bond (Washington)
Shields Scholarship Recipient: Brianna Warren (Washington)
Fragomeni Scholarship Recipient: Vikas Agtey (Riley)
Second Chance Scholarship: David Shafer (Marian), Elizabeth Arndt (Clay), Emily Lyon (Washington)
Simon Grant Award: Joseph Schell (Clay), Emma Velazquez (Adams)
Valparaiso, Grand Valley State, Trine University, Indiana University, Saint Mary’s, Oakwood University, Ball State, Xavier University, Purdue, Indiana State, Indiana University South Bend

2013 Superintendent Scholarship Recipients: Miles Bolden (Adams), Malcolm Cannon (Clay), Kathleen Price (Riley), and Nicole Figueroa (Washington)

Endowed Scholarship Recipients: Andrew Gnott (Edwardsburg), Emily Lyon (St. Joseph)
Davis Scholarship Recipient: Melissa Konter (Washington)
Shields Scholarship Recipient: Toria Sullivan (Clay)
Fragomeni Scholarship Recipient: Elizabeth Arndt (Clay)
Second Chance Scholarship: David Shafer (Marian), Jacob Freske (Adams)
Butler, IUPUI, East Carolina University, Indiana University South Bend, Notre Dame, Indiana University, Ball State, Marquette, Purdue, Indiana State University

2012 Superintendent Scholarship Recipients: Bethany Green (Adams), Kipchumba Kibet (Washington), Sarah Mee (Riley), and Emil Talic (Clay)
Endowed Scholarship Recipients: Monica Chan (Washington), Jacob Freske (Adams)
Davis Scholarship Recipient: Courtney Netzer (Clay)
Simon Scholarship: Cody Schell (Clay)
Fragomeni Scholarship Recipient: Chrishana Stoner 
Second Chance Scholarship: David Shafer (Marian)
Indiana University, Purdue, IUPUI, Indiana University South Bend, Ball State, Manchester College

2011 Superintendent Scholarship Recipients: Bridget Hickey (Clay), Lauren James (Riley), Nora Mansfield (Adams), and Stacey Hogan (Washington)

University of Florida, Indiana University, Loyola Marymount, Florida A & M

2010 Superintendent Scholarship Recipients: Samantha Marley (Adams), Charnelle Maefield-Martin, Kristina Patzkowsky, and Anna Sobieski

St. Mary’s and Ball State

2009 Superintendent Scholarship Recipients: Jasmine Allen, Hollin Bolden, Stephanie Firehammer, and Jashay Johnson-Martin

Indiana University South Bend, Ball State, and Purdue

2008 Scholarship Recipients: Anna L. Otero-Torres (Admas), Joshua A. Lukas (Clay), Gabrielle S. Dutrieux (Riley), Blanca N. Alvarado (Washington) Endowed: Allison Shafer (Riley), Matthew Mackowiak (Washington) Stephanie Orlowski (Washington) Simon Grant: Cody DeShone (Riley), Laura Fitzgerald (Adams) 

2007 Scholarship Recipients: Alyssa Dunn (Riley), Madeline Haller (Adams) Andrew Ewald (Washington), Evan Yungquist (Clay) Endowed: Ryan Orlowski (Washington), Ashley Timm (Clay) Frangomeni: Kimberly Manigault (Riley) Simon Grant: Dan Seitz (Clay)

2006 Scholarship Recipients: Delphine Keza (Clay), Alida J. Marroni (Clay), Adam R. Huff (Washington), Rene Alonso (Riley) Fragomeni: Michael Padberg (Riley) Endowed: Emily Haller (Adams), Jean Paul Jaume (Adams), Cameron McMichael (John Glenn), Simon Grants: Amy Marsh (Adams), Christy Kollar (Clay) 

2005 Scholarship Recipients: Rachel Marley, Adams; Laura Schalliol, Clay; Thy Ca Nguyen, Riley; Marteve Gray, Washington. 
2004 Scholarship Recipients: Donald Perkins III, Adams; Rachel Ford, Clay; Danilo Rodriguez, Riley; Lorraine Chan, Washington.
2003 Scholarship Recipients: Kimberly Ballin, Clay; Melanie Duncan, Adams; Brandon Patton, Riley; Anthony Glenn, Washington.
2002 Scholarship Recipients: Kevin Alby, Adams; Lindsey Carl, Clay; Elyse Chudzynski, Riley; Matthew Ciesielski, Washington; Margaet O’Sullivan, LaSalle.
2001 Scholarship Recipients: Alice Dymally, Washington, and Craig Ziolkowski, Washington.
2000 Scholarship Recipients: Jennifer Brison, LaSalle, and Amanda Myers, Riley.
1999 Scholarship Recipients: Aprell Carr, Washington, and Bryan Ziolkowski, Washington.
1998 Scholarship Recipients: Chandra Najdek, LaSalle, and Eric Fey, Riley.
1997 Scholarship Recipients: Mary Wisnewski, Riley, and Derek Dabrowiak, Washington.
1996 Scholarship Recipients: Kimberly Gruber, Washington, and Martin Owens, Washington.
1995 Scholarship Recipients: Traci Borkowski, LaSalle, and Jason Whitmer, Washington.
1994 Scholarship Recipients: Genevieve C. Morrill, Clay.

Notice to Scholarship/Grant Recipients

Scholarship/grant recipients must request payment of their scholarship/grant by contacting the South Bend Alumni Association. You must report your legal name, student ID number and the name and address of the person or office that will receive the check. Recipients of four year grants must renew this grant each school year by contacting the Alumni Association. You can make your renewal request after you have enrolled for the ensuing school year.
Please visit our Alumnews web page for photos and more information on our scholarship recipients.